Preparing Library for Children’s Activities

Inculcating the reading culture as a hubby and habit in children.

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Mother and Child Relationship

“When you look keenly into the eyes of any child, you can see the mind of her mother.”

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Peer Education

During our transition workshop activity children had the opportunity of sharing experiences and relating past experience to future possibilities.

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Holistic Education in child upbringing is a major concern of families, and worse with under privileged Families, where the needs are abound, but the means deplorable. Development Platform for Children is our tool to alleviate this challenge.


Development Platform 4 Children

The programme educates children through presentations, group discussions, sketches, debates and songs, which we prepare the children to carry out by themselves with assistance from their teachers. It provides the appropriate environment which helps the children to grow physically healthy, psychologically stable, intellectually capable and morally upright.

What We Offer

Professional Team

Devoted to Elevating Children

Our Approach

Peer Education, Group Work, Sketches, Debate & other Practical Encounters

Education Programme

Development Platform for Children


IT Forum

Presently, the Foundation has identified need areas in the primary education sector where ICT awareness and education.are considered prerequisites or crucial to preparing Children.

Family & Community Forum

Unlike underprivileged children, children from rich home enjoy love from parents who show concern, follow up their education, understand their problems.

Health Forum

The health of children from poor homes, between the ages of 6 and 12 depend largely on their personal hygiene and sanitation and their interactions.

Transition Forum

Most disadvantaged children, leaving from the village and public schools go to secondary schools without any notion of what it takes to develop from one stage of life to another.

Environmental Forum

This forum for children is like an embodiment of their entire Foundation Forum because a safe environment for children is determined by the absence or presence of all this other aspects that contribute to their growth.

Talent and Skills

Our experience with children has taught us that they can be assisted even in critical situations to evolve and become morally, psychologically and intellectually comfortable.

Maths and English

It is well known that children from well-to-do homes have the opportunity to attend good schools, use good learning facilities, and grow under comfortable learning and healthy living conditions.


Down Beach, Limbe South West Cameroon

Phone: (237) 677-696-284