About Us

Toiling for Kids Development Foundation (TK FOUNDATION) is a registered civil society organization that promotes Childhood development.
It was initially registered in 2006 as TK Computer and Linguistic Foundation (TK Foundation) with Authorization number 736/G.37/D.14/1/T/BAPP-07/06.
Later in 2010, the name was changed to Toiling For Kids Development Foundation (TK Foundation) with Registration number 847/G.37/-D14-/-1–/VOL-T-/BAPP.

To prevent these vices, we provide opportunity for the integral growth of under privileged children.
We work with children in school from 6 to 12 years
In 2o18 we started to care for orphans in homes with families.
In the years ahead, we will start working with teens from 13 to 18 years.
It is a foundation that works to see children elevated
We work to develop the mental capacity of children by providing an enabling environment, and running programmes that facilitate intellectual development.
We organise activities, to promote the development of children with dignity and integrity.
To sustain the foundation, we run and Vocational Training Programme and it has been the main source of our income.
TK Foundation Founder
Tecla Neba
“When you look keenly into the eyes of any child, you can see the mind of her mother.”

Toiling For Kids Development Foundation

Goal: Enable Children Reach Their Full Potential

Vision: A World Where Gender And Poverty Are No Barrier To Opportunity And Fulfilment.

Mission Statements
 Toiling for Kids Development
 Investing In The Next Generation, Through all forms of Education, For Posterity,

In our activities, we develop programmes for children in our different development domains for information and capacity building.
We steer their minds to be critical and innovative, to identify development needs, and search for initiatives and innovative strategies to meet the demands of such needs.
To us “development problems are basically as a result of our incapacity to see development needs at any given time of our various involvements and responsibilities”, thus, the need for change of mentality or education and growth orientation.
Today, the children are included in discussions concerning them; their opinions are taken into consideration in putting up their programme of activities.
Our Network of Rural Primary Schools (NRPS) and Computer Awareness for primary 6 pupils are typical projects developed from the output of round table discussions with the children.
Today we have a Secretariat
We also have a Vocational Training Programme as a sustainable projects for the foundation.

@ TK Foundation
We Inform, Educate And Empower The Underpreviledged And Despised Children In The Society.
TK Foundation: Home & Future For The Underprivileged.