Development Platform For Children


DEPLACH is a conception of a space where collective ideas are nurtured and used for the building of capacities of children from underprivileged backgrounds to face development challengers and interact with their peers from rich homes courageously and intelligently. It includes activities within and among schools for the personal development of these children.
Today’s children are growing in an era of Globalization, Global Economic Crises, Increase Deadly Diseases, Global Warming, increasing rates of child abuses and Childhood Challenges of all kinds.
It is a period when the working population daily encounters development challenges, and need continuous professional growth.
It is for this reason that human capital, needs to be properly developed in poor children, building integral persons to effectively face the changing social, moral and economy world challenges.
The Foundation’s DEPLACH, is employing a collective approach which involves working with children, schools and parents in developing their basic faculties.
DEPLACH is thus established to meet the needs of providing an almost complete environment where children can build strengths, resilience and different capacities which can enable the children reach their full potential.
Children who do not have the opportunity of attending well equipped private schools or do not have the access to IT gadgets and learning games, will also be able to familiarise themselves with such at our center.
To that regard, DEPLACH has established different forums where stakeholders get involve, contribute and participate in the realisation of the gaol of DEPLACH. The forums include, Environmental Forum, IT Forum, Health Forum, Maths and English Forum, Transition Forum, Family-Orphan Care & Community Forum and Skills and Talents Forum. Follow the link below.

IT Forum

Health Forum

Transition Forum

Environmental Forum

Maths and English Forum

Family and Community forum

Talent and Skills Forum