Environmental Forum

This forum for children is like an embodiment of their entire Foundation Forum because a safe environment for children is determined by the absence or presence of all this other aspects that contribute to their growth.

Our environment is our life, so when the notion of the importance of the environment is inculcated in the minds of children at an early stage, it affects every activity or reaction of the children towards their environment.

It is against this backdrop that we came up with the environmental forum, within the programme DEPLACH.

So far we have been organizing only indoor activities-seminars, workshops, round table discussions and debates with children from different schools.

With available means we will include more schools, and start taking the children out, so that they should not only master their internal and immediate environment, but they should feel, admire and appreciate the verity  that spices the environment, and the consequences of their absence, so they will better understand the need to Protection the Environment.

Our Environment is our Heritage, and the Heritage of generations to come, so the Protection of the Environment is not an option, it is a natural obligation.

This natural tendency has to be developed by inculcating the concept in the minds of our children at this age when they are still developing independent minds. At this time when their minds are still very positive, open and willing to learn.