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Unlike underprivileged children, children from rich home enjoy love from parents who show concern, follow up their education, understand their problems, communicate with them and provide for their needs. It is unfortunate that children from underprivileged homes live under the opposite of these conditions, and study in an almost complete contrary situation, but write the same end of course examination, evaluated and graded by the same examiners, without considering any difference in their learning condition.

It has been proven at our center in the contributions of children during different children’s participatory programs that the level of children from private elementary schools is clearly higher than those from public and mission schools. The difference is wide; and those from village schools are even lower than all.  

Underprivileged Families, suffer from a Limited means; lack of Education and Information or the lack of basic family literacy of the parents result to sending their children to any structure called school. In some of these schools, there are no learning facilities or equipment and no established methods or results expectations, so Holistic Education is unheard of in such a setup.

In our bid to address this situation, the programme has employed a collective approach involving not only working with the children and schools but also the parents. This collective effort on the development platform will build capacities for parents to assist in developing of the basic faculties of the children from home.

Our Orphan Care programme is also a home based programme. The Children live with extended families or identified families in our communities, because we believe that children should grow within families, not in the isolation of orphanages. This builds their psychological strength and they have a sense of belonging.

In some homes we have even agreed that the children never know that they are orphans.

The children are our interest, so we go to the extent of organising workshops to teach them how to cook low-cost but reach food for the health of our children.

From time to time, we organsie activities to strength general family capacity and family ties, in order to help the children to build interest in their families and be proud to belong.