Health Forum

The health of children from poor homes, between the ages of 6 and 12 depend largely on their personal hygiene and sanitation and their interactions. The things they touch, the places they visit and the people they interact with, therefore, creating awareness on the relationship between their health and their hygiene and interactions can greatly stabilize their health situation.

From our previous activities, statistics show that children from well-equipped elementary private schools bathe every morning before going to school.

On the other hand, most children from poor homes go to school without bathing. Some of them even stay for days without bathing.

Weather a child bathes before going to school or not depends on the mother’s mind, her background, her interactions and her level of education. 

When they stay for long without bathing, the germs and bacteria that come in contact with the body have enough time to either develop in to skin deceases or penetrate in to the system.

These children also have the tendency of sharing food and receiving gifts from strange people.

They pick food particles from the floor or ground and eat, they drink water from common cups, they pick colourful and attractive waste packets and cans from rubbish containers.

They buy food stuff along the way and eat without washing their hands.

Even at home many eat without washing their hands.

This programme informs and educates children with the slogan:

 “Prevention is Better Than Cure”

The promotion of this Health Forum can prevent many children from falling ill, prevent many deaths and improve the management of their very limited family income.