Maths and English Forum

It is well known that children from well-to-do homes have the opportunity to attend good schools, use good learning facilities, and grow under comfortable learning and healthy living conditions, thus have the better chances of producing better results and making a brighter future.

It is for this reason we promote quality education in rural communities and urban public elementary schools which are attended by children from poor homes. We encourage high proficiency in Languages and Mathematics for them at this early stage. We identify the outstanding children from these rural and disadvantaged families and communities for scholarships and other assistants.

We award prizes for best children in English and Mathematics, because we hold that Mathematics builds the child’s psychic strength, while language builds expression, and based on these two, the child grows to be intellectually strong.

We encourage girls in the villages in our programmes, to be the instrument that will bring about change to their village.

Since the interest of their parents is to receive high bride prizes from suitors, we guide them to understand that, when the girls are educated, they will not only receive better bride prizes, but they will also receive better care from the girls and their husbands. We have gotten information about some villages along our west coast, and we are using their information to tell them how educated suited better taking care of their in-laws.