IT Forum

Presently, the Foundation has identified need areas in the primary education sector where ICT awareness and education are considered prerequisites or crucial to preparing such groups to understand the broader use, importance and benefits of ICTs in their daily life, future career opportunities for individual development.

Presently in Cameroon, the primary school leaving certificate exams includes Questions in computer operations. This has only come to make the exams more difficult for children from low income homes.

Children from well-to-do homes school in private institutions which have computers and every study facility. They even have computers in their homes, while children from poor homes go to public schools which do not have even local basic facilities. At first we were carrying computers to some of such schools to introduce the pupils to computers and information communication technology. This time we invite the children to our foundation premises for such activities, working in collaboration with the schools.

Some of our children from Village schools, some of those from public schools and those from denominational elementary schools in towns have never seen or touched a computer. Most of these schools have no teaching aid uncommitted and untrained teachers.