Talent and Skills Forum

This is a new Forum which has just been created on the Platform

It will include Skills & Talent Development Activities

Our experience with children has taught us that they can be assisted even in critical situations to evolve and become morally, psychologically and intellectually comfortable. Their personality and capabilities can naturally be improved, not only on the basis of class work, but accompanied with other activities which can help to build their inherent skills and potential, and also enable them to take initiative, and be able to draw inspiration from events and actions.

To guarantee a sure and solid foundation for our children, we need to involve them in activities that cultivate interest in positive hobbies, to curb the causes of distraction and idleness.

Positive hobbies will build confidence and resilience, thus preventing them from the wrong company. This may prevent persons and activities that will result to delinquency, drug abuse, rape, teenage pregnancy, neglect, violence and battery.