Transition Forum

Most disadvantaged children, leaving from the village and public schools go to secondary schools without any notion of what it takes to develop from one stage of life to another, so the waves of life toss them to various directions, till they find themselves in one unwanted and more disadvantaged situation. Then they dropout from school.

Our Transition Forum include a series of activities including short presentations and reactions, group discussions, peer to peer exchange, debates, family visits, excursions and visits to secondary schools  and other indoor and outdoor activities.

The objective is to open their minds on the possible challenges they will face in the secondary school, including the persons and their interest, the nature of their studies, pressure from community, school mates and peer pressure.

It also includes their own physiological development and general reproductive health issues. Usually, the majority of children who do not succeed in secondary schools, stem from a poor foundation in elementary education, poor transition to secondary school and the follow up from home. Transition Forum For Children is serving as a good practice platform for the enhancement of their capacities and pave the way to a development profession or leadership position with integrity, giving all children equal opportunity and building a new generation of decent leaders.